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Teddy: Granted February 28, 2024


The Story of Teddy

Last Updated: March 02, 2024

Teddy was found wandering in the desert by a good Samaritan who decided they would keep him. They had him for about 6 months, but things weren't working out due to their personal situation, too many dogs in the house and trouble housebreaking him, so they contacted rescue. The rescue took him in and due to his age and the housebreaking issues, decided to x-ray his bladder and found his femoral head was completely broken off and it was not a bladder issue. He was very active even with the damage to his bone, and the fact that he was overweight. Teddy required the usual tests, and preventative care as well as a femoral head ostectomy, which restores mobility to the hip by removing the head of the femur. This removes the ball of the ball-and-socket joint, leaving just an empty socket. He may require surgery on the other hip at some point in his future, and will always have a limp and be on supplements for his bones and arthritis for life, but he should be able to enjoy a good life.

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