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Ava: Granted January 12, 2024


The Story of Ava

Last Updated: January 21, 2024

Ava, a sweet 12 year old, was placed in a forever home by Corgi rescue in 2018. In September 2023 she was surrendered back into rescue after she began fighting with other dogs in the home.
Ava had intermittent hematuria, and also a lesion on her belly that was very concerning. It had almost healed completely, then suddenly the affected area became enlarged.
Ava had blood work, a heartworm test, X-rays, and a BRAF test to evaluate continued blood in urine. She was found to have some cardiovascular issues, arthritis, skin issues, dental concerns and the lesion on her belly. Ava had her dental procedure and her blood pressure dropped while under so she had to have a second surgery to remove the lump under the lesion. It is still awaiting pathology to determine if it is benign or not. Ave is being well cared for in her foster home.

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