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Maddie II: Granted January 08, 2024


The Story of Maddie II

Last Updated: January 21, 2024

Maddie is a sad case. Her owner, elderly, became overwhelmed with life, lost her husband and her sister (all living together) within a couple months of each other. The owner had little income of her own, and while she loved Maddie and her other dog, she couldn't care for them anymore. Her children would bring her whatever dog food they bought to have her feed them. Maddie was obese, had rotten teeth, allergies, and her vet said she has thyroid issues, but due to the cost, Maddie had not had testing or medication. The owner’s family talked to her and they contacted Corgi rescue. They offered to help and keep her in her home, but the family was moving owner to one of their homes and rehomed both dogs. Maddie is now one of the rescue’s "Sunset Fosters".
Maddie had multiple tests – including for thyroid – and was found not to be hypothyroid as her weight might have indicated. She was obese, had a UTI, allergies and her teeth were in terrible condition. On arrival in foster care, she was a dog that had seemed to have given up. She has now lost a considerable amount of weight, her allergies and lick sores and her weight had caused delay in getting her dental, but her allergies are now managed to the point that they will be ongoing but she is not licking sores on her paws as much. Her dental is forthcoming, she turned 12 years old in foster care and she is a completely different dog – happy, sweet and accepting.

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