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Fletcher was the heart and soul of our little family. We were lucky enough to have him come into our lives when his first family decided to give Fletch what he wanted most: to be an "only" dog. Fletch loved attention and didn't like other dogs, so they made the hard decision to find him a new family. We heard about him through some rescue contacts on the Corgi-L e-mail list. We fell in love with him immediately and were glad to promise that he would never be given a brother or sister dog, because he just couldn't get along. He loved children, kitties, and all people. We gave him a pet kitty of his own, named Bijoux. He was never afraid of anyone and wanted to be petted and scratched by anyone he saw. He was a big show off and was always the center of attention, just as he loved to be. We were often stopped by people telling us how he was so cute or how he made them laugh wearing his little bow tie.

For nearly 6 years, we pampered him and took him everywhere with us, including on our honeymoon and all other trips we took. We spoiled Fletch with his favorite treats: ice cubes and the leftovers in the bottom of a just-eaten cup of yogurt. We let him get on the sofa, even though his "glamour" coat (half way between a regular coat and a fluffy coat) ensured fur would be everywhere. He loved to sleep on the bed and we would gladly lift him down each morning. He would wait excitedly at the top of the stairs until we asked, "Do you want breakfast?!" and then he would hop-hop-hop in his bunny way down the steps. Sometimes if he got too excited, he would run downstairs before we could ask, just because he heard us feeding the cat.

Fletch made every day happier. We constantly told him how much we loved him and that he was the best dog in the world. He was more than a friend- he was family. He was true unconditional love. We will never miss him and his sweet personality. We know the pain we feel now is awful, but is more than worth it for the years of love and fun we had, and the memories we will never forget.

Crystal & Trey Whittenton Bijoux Whittenton the siamese cat Raleigh, NC

Donated by: Crystal and Trey Whittenton

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