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Al Stude


Alan John Stude

August 26, 1938-March 19, 2007

When we lost our two 14-year old dogs (a GSD and a mixed breed) to age-related illness, my husband told me that we'd be having NO MORE dogs! He couldn't bear the heartache of losing them. It took me a little over six months to realize that we needed another dog (or two), and I told him that's what I wanted for Christmas (2004).

Santa didn't bring me the Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy I wanted but, by Valentine's Day, I spotted a 3-1/2 yr. old Pembroke in the local want ads. In a raging rainstorm, we drove miles to take a look at her. Yes, my husband thought I was NUTS!

All those thoughts left his head the minute we were introduced to "Stormy." We had no way of knowing that her overwhelmingly-friendly manner is fairly typical for Pembrokes. We were convinced she took a shine to us right from the first moment, as we did to her. She was very overweight but had been bathed prior to the introduction so, of course, we were convinced to buy.

Donated by: Lieselotte H. (Lola) Stude

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