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Dusty Lance


We were blessed to have you in St. Anthony's rescue for two years until the right home could be found. You were so timid after you left the shelter and it took that long for you to bloom and be fully relaxed.

How delighted we were to place you with Laura and Elliott and their Cardigan, Dexter, on July 8, 2006. You were just three years old, the picture of health. You had a beautiful rich red and white haircoat. You looked regal. Just a month before you passed peacefully in your sleep, 12/16/06, it was discovered you had been born with a deformed heart after you became very lethargic and started to fill up with fluids. Your wonderful humans, Laura and Elliott, used both Western and holistic medicines and reiki to help you heal.

It seemed as if you were going to do just that as you started to take walks, showed more pep but as often God calls the best back to Him at a young age, He chose you to leave us. I am so blessed to have seen you on a visit 36 hours before you left us. Sad we are that your heart did not have the strength to carry you on in quality for more years here on earth with your humans and your former foster parents but we know you are frisky, content, and surrounded by many canine buddies.

We also know as sure as we know God made all of creation and loves all creation that we shall see you again when it's our time to leave this short life on Earth. Until then dear Dusty Lance, you are in our hearts, our memories and our hearts.

Donated by: Arleen Rooney

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