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*”Tucker May 2, 2002-November 12, 2005"*

Between those dates you gave us joy that we had not known. You woke with us and enriched our lives ten fold by just having you near. You are very much missed by all who knew you. Your Nanners misses you so much that it hurts... We will all never be the same without you.

We were cheated out of more years with you due to a horrible misdiagnosis by our vet. If your reading this, please please get to know your vet, establish a level of comfort and communication with your vet. Know that your vet is listening to what you are saying and not just dismissing your concerns. He would still be with us, playing on the beach, running in the yard and enjoying our attentions as we enjoyed his. Between those dates our lives changed, and we have longed for them every since.

"Hims a good boy"

Ma, Pa, Auntie Bean, Grandma, Grandpa, and Hannah Bannana

Donated by: Jennifer Batcheldor

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