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Larklain Georges Skylight

Sweet Emma, Sweet Skylight By KRS

Your light shined so brightly, But nine years are short. You were frightened so often, But calm us, you could.

Catching ice from the sky, Licking hands, feet, or face. Purple velvet was perfect For naps in bright sun.

Your voice had been squelched, Yet communicate you could-- Your eyes pieced our souls When you needed big hugs.

Sweet Emma, Sweet Skylight, Your fate is confirmed. We wish you calm peace As you near to the bridge.

Good bye, our dear friend, God-speed and good will. We’ll think of you always Through tears, but with thanks.

Larklain Georges Skylight, PWC, aka Emma 10/9/1996 –1/29/06

Donated by: Karen Storck and Miles Snyder

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