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Gnasher Pettiwood PWC

July 12 1989 – November 2 2004

Breeder: Eileen Daly

Sire: Ch Pettiwood’s Superman Dam: Princess VI

How do you say goodbye to one who has shared his life and love with you, without condition or reproach? By remembering the things you shared that made you laugh and cry.

Gnasher loved to attack and roll over on warm bagels. Going for a ride in the car was the high point in his day and he would vocalize his pleasure in chimpanzee-like chirps. He made friends with everyone in the neighborhood and especially liked to watch and root for the Rangers with one of these friends. He had to make sure he helped towel us off with his tongue after a shower. Nail clippers and brushes were the enemy, but he always ended his grooming sessions with his version of a kiss…a nose to nose bonk! He was afraid of tipping over his bucket of toys and big plastic garbage bags that flapped in the breeze. He loved to snap at bumblebees and carry his favorite blue ball around the house, talking all the while. He loved to play fetch with a stick – the bigger and heavier the better. We remember finding his hair on our vacation clothes because he used to love to sleep in our partially packed suitcases, and finding his baby teeth on the living room rug. Gnasher didn’t like a closed door and could usually open them. If he couldn’t, he claimed them for his own and plunked down in front of them until it seems, he opened them with his will.

We remember his big sighs.

We remember his big wet kisses.

He was a good dog and a wonderful friend.

Donated by: Massachusetts Corgi Crew for Arthur and Lyn Lidsky

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