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Born: 06-26-97

Died: 06-19-04

We acquired Chaucer (formerly Skylar) from a breeder after his prior owners had returned him due to an overseas relocation. We thought we wanted a puppy, but fell in love with this little guy at just over a year old instead. He had a wonderful, although short life and made our household more joyous. He is pictured here with one of his favorite toys, his Hedgie (3rd or 4th generation!). He was the most vocal, independent dog I have ever owned, but was such fun and so endearing - and so silly! The cancer we were ill-prepared for at this young age took him swiftly and with minimal suffering. We miss you, Pooh-Dog. Janet, Mark and Susie

Donated by: Janet Rentz, Mark Cannon, Susie Rentz

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