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Benny V Mar


In Memoriam for Benny V. Mar

September 18, 2007 - December 31, 2020

Benny Vinnie Mar aka Beans as I called him since he was a puppy; was truly an extraordinary corgi. In addition to him being an exception therapy dog at Kaiser Santa Clara, he was a beloved nephew who often very willingly(!) accompanied me on my jaunts to various eateries.

Years later, I would be rescued by a puppy named Tucker. Benny - as always - was playing the role of the gracious ambassador and welcomed his “cousin” with open paws. The two became best friends –Tucker is playful and welcomed Benny as a playmate. Tucker also has a penchant for burying/hiding snacks to be saved for later. Sometimes later never came for him as Benny would find them looking incredibly surprised at the places where he found snacks that he felt for sure were meant for him!

Benny enjoyed his sleepovers with his cousin (and his brother Toby) as there was plenty of walking, playing, snacking & napping time. He especially liked spreading out across the bed. After dinner he would sometimes leave to go claim his spot, so the rest of us were left to fill in the spots around him.

Beans will be missed by all for his calming and benevolent behavior; the sweet smile he shared with us all and for his love of snacking.

Tucker will continue to bury snacks for you…

Forever in our hearts, Auntie Karen & Cousin Tucker

Donated by: Karen J. Mar & Tucker W. Mar

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