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Chip Roller


"We are sharing heartbreaking news for a second time this year. Our handsome corgi, Chip (14yrs. 8 months) passed away at midnight last night (Dec. 21, 2020). He had a tumor which was discovered over 18 months ago and as it started between his ribs, at 13 years old, it was considered inoperable. That tumor grew despite our best efforts and got the better of him last night. He didn’t eat for a couple days and was terribly weak and out of touch yesterday. He passed at home in his bed which he loved and we were at his side.

To say this year sucks may be the understatement of the century.

Goodbye dear Chip, aka: Huffs McGuff, Chipmonkey, The Chipster, Sweet potato Chip, mommy’s baby boy, Count Chipula, The Mouth, Boss. Don’t know how we’ll fill the hole in our hearts."

Becky and Rich Roller

Donated by: Kristy and Maria's Pet Care

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