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Cora Sturk


May 13, 2019: Today we said goodbye to our sweet Cora. Three years ago she was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy which led to eventual paralysis of her legs (which was thankfully painless). However, in the last days, her breathing had become strained, and, with other health issues, we knew it was time. We got to love her for just 5 years since adopting her from a corgi rescue at about age 7, and I will never regret a day of caring for her.

She loved to go for walks, and later for strolls in her carriage to inspect the neighborhood. She tolerated the cats and vice-versa. She disliked the neighborhood dogs immensely.

She loved her toy squirrel, pizza crust and watching “Lucky Dog”, though at times I wondered if she was rooting for the dog or booing him.

I want to thank those of you who helped us, some anonymously, with her water treadmill therapy and vet bills, as well as the toys, treats and the visits over the years.

She leaves the corgi uprising in the capable paws of Rosie, Franklin and Willoughby.

In her memory, please consider a donation to Corgi Aid who loaned us a cart, shared their knowledge and help many rescued corgis with medical emergencies.

Needless to say, our hearts are once again broken. Goodbye is the hardest part of loving them.

Donated by: Mary and Doug Sturk

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