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Lord Windsor a.k.a. "Lord High Director of Herding and Security"

March 2001-April 20,2014

Officially, he was titled Lord Windsor, "Lord High Director of Herding and Security." To his family and friends he was "Windsor" or "Win." Windsor was a gentle little Corgi to all that knew him. However, when wild rabbits, roadrunners or squirrels would wander into his backyard (dominion), he was ready to defend it and chase them away as a "presumed security threat." Those little legs could really move fast when he needed them to! In true herding dog fashion, he couldn't rest around the house without knowing exacting where his family was at all times.

Thank you Windsor for all the love you brought to us over the years. God Bless you, we won't forget you!

Donated by: Friends from Animal Urgent Care Hospital - Mission Viejo, CA

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