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Nash Cohen


Nash (rescue alias “Graham”) AKA: “Naddy”, “Nat dog”, “Natty poo poo”

Nash was adopted from a rescue group in Chandler, OK in June of 2003 after a grant from CorgiAid assisted with his heartworm treatment (see his story):

Thank you, CorgiAid for healing his heart so that he could in turn heal mine and fill it for ten wonderful years. When he passed, he took a big chunk of my heart with him.

My hope is that through assisting another rescue dog like him it will help my heart to heal.

Nash, you have truly been one of the great loves of my life. I knew the minute I spoke with the rescue group that you and I were meant for each other (they knew it too), and asked to drive in that same day to bring you to your forever home. I am grateful for that, as every day I spent with you was precious.

I picked you up in a parking lot in Chandler and was asked by your foster mom “Is he what you expected?” My response “he’s shorter than I expected.” Short in height, but with the largest personality. You became a quick member of the family, as you charmed everyone with your sense of humor and good nature. You would be known to race from room to room bouncing off any available furniture.

You would stare up at me with that larger than life smile after a round of play time or sit quietly with me on the couch content to just “hang out” (true to your initial description as a couch potato). You would be known to lie on your back on a sunny day “sun bath,” soaking in that summer sun.

After living the life of a stray, you knew the value of a good meal, and would obsessively hide any bones you were given in any available spot (sofa cushions, pillows, the backyard) and would immediately re-hide them if you thought you were spotted.

Even in your final days of illness, some chicken scraps could still perk you up. You loved kisses on the cheek and would turn your head to give me good access. You were my constant companion through three states and four moves-wildly running down the halls of the Nashville LaQuinta as you took your journey to North Carolina. You loved to quietly lay outside with me at night…either on the deck, the porch, or the boat dock on a family vacation to the lake.

You were a true friend to all the canine and feline companions you shared your life with: Mitzi, Baby, Aidan, and Cash. You loved to play chase with your dog friends, and as father time made it harder for you to join the game, you would bark your commands to others to continue the chase for your enjoyment, tail wagging.

You comforted me when we lost Mitzi and greeted our new cat, Aidan, with open arms. You would wrestle with Aidan and always let him win. You went with me to pick out your brother, Cash, from the rescue and bonded to him like glue. He licked your head as you left us as a thank you for all you brought to him.

You gave your immediate approval of my future husband when you met him by proving me wrong when I told him “he barks at every man that comes to the house.” Not a peep out of you, as you wagged your tail and greeted him, likely knowing he would be there to comfort me when you no longer could.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. I so much love you and miss you terribly.

Adopted 6/1/2003, left us 6/28/2013

Donated by: Stacy Cohen

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