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KJOS Faery Ceilidh of Tanwen, CGC

April 16, 1998 – August 28, 2012

Betony, the light of our life and the Champion of Our Hearts, left her troubled body behind, lovingly and peacefully in our arms. It was impossible to imagine what life would be like without her, without her beautiful smile, without her unfailing good cheer through things we didn't think she could survive -- but did. We will survive, too; it's just so terribly hard without her by our sides. We knew that there would be a huge Betony-sized hole in the world after she left. We just couldn’t know how big that hole would be, or how much it would hurt.

To all of you who loved her and "got" who she was -- thank you. You know who you are, and we are so happy that Betony was able to touch your life, too, in many of the same ways she touched ours. We don't think she ever met a person she did not love; she leaves behind broken hearts all over the world, including those of many people we have never even met in person. And she leaves the imprint of her smile upon our hearts forever. We will always love her. And she knew that always.

Fly free, our most precious puppy girl. You are in the heart of our hearts. Good by until we meet again.

Cindy Read and Nancy Boyd

Donated by: Cindy Read and Nancy Boyd and by three of Betony’s special friends, Linda McMahon, Florence Scarinci, and Barbara Fisher

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