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Mickey Mylander


RIP Mickey.

George and I helped him pass over the Rainbow Bridge on September 15, 2012. He took that with the same grace, acceptance and dignity he did with his failing body. He was never “diagnosed” with DM but had a slow progression of paralysis since it began showing itself in the spring of 2010. He went from one hind leg having toes tuck under to crawling to almost totally down. He would still bark to have me move him so he would be in any room I’m was in, barked when he was outside and heard or smelled something worth commenting on, and participated (best he could) with playing with Baggin’s (even that morning:). He raised Baggin's.

They came into my life the same day in March 2005. Mickey as a (5 +? year old) rescue and Baggins as a 3 month old puppy purchased from his breeder. We will all miss him so very much!!!!

Bye sweet Mickey…. you are running free now with Raven, Hobbit and Barney Boots ~

Donation was made in honor of Barney Boots

Donated by: Dottie Mylander

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