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Jake Adamson


Jake Nov. 27, 1999 – June 10, 2012

Jake was our “first child,” having gotten him five years before our first born son. In those early days he often rode around in the work truck with Dad. If left in the truck, he would eat apple cores and once, left his Daddy a “surprise” in the driver seat, showing his disgust at having been temporarily left behind!

Jake loved to run in circles while barking and greatly enjoyed when Dad would lie on the floor and play with him. He also enjoyed sleeping on the bed and he was a “two lap” dog, but reserved his head for Mom and Dad got the other end!

Jake also would help complete a real “dog pile” when the nephews would pile on top of each other on the ground and Jake would jump onto the back of the kid on top! They loved that!

Life changed a bit for Jake when first born son, Justin, arrived. Jake wasn’t so sure about this new addition, but after a while he didn’t mind him too much. Jake was always gentle, but would growl to warn Mom if that baby thing got too close! When the family grew to include Brianne four years later, Jake wasn’t concerned at all about the new baby. He knew by then that kids meant lots of spilled food and they loved to give him treats!

In the spring of 2010 Jake began to have great difficulty standing and walking on this back legs. Through the generous donation of CorgiAid, Jake received a cart to assist him in his daily routine. He adapted to the cart very quickly and it made a huge difference for him! He also became the star attraction of the neighborhood kids and when out in public as everyone was curious about this dog in a wheelchair! He continued to love to lay outdoors under his favorite tree or bush and watch the happenings of the neighborhood.

It became obvious that Jake’s body was failing him in June 2012, and so he took his final car ride, which he loved so much, and was peacefully put to sleep while surrounded by his loving family of twelve years in the cozy grass on a beautiful early summer day.

Forever in hearts until we meet again, we love you Jake!

The Adamson’s - Clint, Kelly, Justin and Brianne

Donated by: Clint, Kelly, Justin and Brianne Adamson

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