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Buddy Bennett

Buddy, I carried you home on December 15, 2001 and carried you to your final resting place on August 5, 2011. For a glorious 9 years 10 months you lite up our lives. Buddy, you brought us so much. Remember then, Kelsey was only 11 when you were 2 months old. I remember reminding your human sister that you needed to be able to walk but she couldn’t let go of you, cuddling and holding you as much as she could. You promptly took over her American Girl doll brass bed with duvet and pillow, you fit right in and it was yours as long as you fit in it. Alright, even after you thought you still fit in it but clearly didn’t.

Oh what seems such a short time in our life span gave me so many smiles, laughs and memories to fill the remainder of my time here on earth. Between the Addisons diagnosis in 2004, arthritis in 2010, Thyroid issues in 2009 and Lyme disease sprinkled throughout 2008 – 2011. Those illnesses never stopped you from living and loving and if anything, it brought us closer together. You needed me and boy, I need you – more.

You gave me the reason to get up an extra hour early in the morning to take time to walk, notice the sun and birds and even chase a squirrel or two. You ran and I was on the end of the leash, I apologize for being like a dead weight on some of those runs. All the wonderful neighbors I met because who could resist such a beautiful boy! Sometimes they even came running out of their houses to give you a treat.

Evenings we again ventured outside for walks, rain, snow darkness – nothing stopped us and I enjoyed every minute of it. I never once didn’t want to be with you – no matter what the time of day or weather. In fact, I grew to love New England winters!

All the times spent in the yard chasing balls or gardening – I loved it – every single minute of it, I was with you. You were my shadow, I always felt those big brown eyes watching me from under a bush, chair or from one of those nice mud holes you dug in the yard. Remember how you would wait for me to come home from work, sitting by the door? My heart always jumped a bit when I knew once I opened that door, you’d come to greet me.

Now you aren’t there and sometimes I forget and turn to look into those eyes that are watching me, but they’re not there. It still hurts.

I know it was time for you to go, it wasn’t time for me. It wouldn’t have been fair to make you suffer just so I could have you. But oh, if I could only feel your fur, hear you bark and listen to your gentle breathing as you sleep. For that I would give anything but it’s not possible.

So now, the house is quiet. I am trying to get through the days without you – my shadow, taking it one day at a time. It’s been 11 days since you left and it feels like just yesterday.

Your whole life was spent with us and it feels like a great “chapter” in my life. You watched your young human sibling grow into a young woman and go off to college (I remember how much you missed her) and you kept me company when my nest emptied. You kept me busy so I didn’t get lonely. Oh to feel your fur again…… Buddy, I hope you are well, pain free and by God’s side. You are a good boy, one of the best. I hope you know that should I get another corgi to share another “chapter” in my life, it’s not to replace you – nothing would do that, it is because of you. You opened up a whole wonderful world of Corgis and corgi people that I never knew existed. Now I can’t imagine living without.

Buddy, I miss you terribly and that special “chapter” in my life spent with you will be with me always, until the day I die. You and I had a connection; it seemed you could read my mind. You are a very special dog and a good boy. We love you Buddy and always will, time will not erase any of this.

Thank you Buddy for all you gave to our family.

Love always and forever, Mom & Kelsey

Buddy Bennett: 10/9/2001 – 8/5/2011

Donated by: Massachusetts Corgi Crew

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