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Dear "Milagro," "Mila," "Mimi," "Millimeter," “SmillaSmeeter,”

"Meeter," "Smilla," "Smeeter," "Smilla Ain't Got No Sense Of

Snow," "Squinty," "Little Looney Loons"... I think of you - clicking across wooden floors and the sound of your

nails on cement city walks; frantically rolling on the futon

demanding with your "Nyarp...nyarp" vocalizations that anyone nearby

pet you; the "heh-heh-heh-heh" rhythm of your unique panting;

running down the stairs with your amusingly odd half-bunny, half

hula-hipped jaunt; biting chins when you got too excited greeting

the ones you loved; the many, many times you tried to climb inside

Chris's head when you were anxious from the noise of the wind,

firecrackers, sirens, T-storms, and miscellaneous sounds;

your “songs” for Christophan; smelling the wonderful aroma of your

Corgi feet and Jasmine-scented ears; shedding fur from lush loons;

climbing over me in a lick-fest and literally knocking me over

laughing; hidden in the closet with a sanitary pad wrapper stuck to

your ear; making "Donnie Darko" faces; placing your soft head on my

shoulder; lying on various beds with your body so entwined with Star

that you looked like a mythical creature; your nightly cuddle

sessions with Nina and Chris; and I know that we all gave you the

unconditional love that you provided for us... Mimi, you have the most dedicated and wonderful pet parents - my

sister, Nina; and her husband Chris. They always had your best

interests at heart and did everything necessary to prolong your life

without prolonging your pain. Thank you for your fighting spirit and

all of the remarkable adjustments you made to combat your medical

complications. You did it with typical Corgi humor and the wise

grace of a dog living in-the-moment. Nina really needed a "sign"

from you. Smilla, you did not fail to deliver. This is in Nina's own

words: "The amazing thing was the 1/2 hour or so before the vet

came, Mila who has always been a squirmy worm who doesn't like to be

hugged too long, lay on her back in my arms on my lap with me and my

husband talking to her and telling her tales about her life. She

looked us both in the eyes though she couldn't see anymore and would

keep looking between us in a totally calm way. Her breathing got

really slow and calm as if she might pass then and when I was

telling her about how much she snorted like a pig when I first got

her and how she didn't snort anymore she snorted... It was so weird

as if she 100% understood what we were talking about and was showing

us that it was alright and that it was the right time. She snuggled

with us until the vet came and then got lots of treats and a

peaceful quick send off. I feel like she gave us a real blessing in

that 1/2 hour and she made me feel totally at peace with our

decision. We told her how she was welcome to visit us in spirit any

time and that she'd always be with us..." You have provided the ultimate unselfish gift that a dog can give -

through your love and unique personality, you have allowed Nina and

Chris to be (relatively) free of the guilt about getting another

Corgi someday. Instead of closing their world with a chapter of have opened a new space for another Corgi to experience

their love. I am honored to be considered your auntie and I love

you. Thank you for the joy you brought to all of us on a daily

basis...I love you so much, sweetheart:) - with all my love I make

this donation in your honor...

Crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge: April 19,2011.

Donated by: Nikki Shepherd

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