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Edie Bain


Edie Bain cared for Corgi's.  She cared for people.  She ran a rescue for many years.  Many people and furkids enjoyed love and happiness because of the work Edie Bain performed.  Cujie and I are 2 of them.  She was a mentor, she was my friend.  The last words she spoke to me were, "Maybe I can do some good from the other side"  Less than 48 hours before she crossed to the Bridge.  I can imagine a meadow filled with dogs, running to greet the person who gave them their chance at earthly happiness.  I can only imagine the love in that place.  All because Edie Bain cared for Corgi's...and people. Rest in peace dear friend.

Robin Hale

Donated by: Robin Hale, Susan Feeley, Jenna Radomile, Elizabeth Kraus, Cindy McCloskey, Diane Tidd, Caroline Haslet, Jeanne S Roberts, Virginia Benson, Dee Waluk-Johnson, Kate Henry, Joyce Trittipo, Harriette Forbes, Lynn Truslow, June & Arthur Marsh

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