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Hytide All That Glitters

We called Wendy our Little Mountain Goat. She hiked up the Blue Hills many times, the more challenging Purgatory Chasm, and any trail we found while camping throughout New England and Canada. Those short legs never slowed her down. Many times we would hear children, or even their parents say "look, here comes a fox!" as we neared and then curious, they would approach and ask about her. She was a shy girl when we first brought her home, but she always loved children and once her own boys grew up, she would sit by the fence and look after the neighbors young children, who loved to talk and play with her.

She loved playing with kids and went sledding, tubing down rivers, kayaking and canoeing with us. I often said she was the closest thing to a daughter that I would ever have, without any of the teen age baggage that comes along with a daughter. She was neat and tidy, and like me, liked things in their places. There were times, when I was cleaning up after the three messy men in my life, that I would look at her and I could swear that she understood my exasperation. She let me know, with a little woof, if the kids left the yard when little, someone did not push a kitchen chair back under the table, if Rylie got up on the wrong sofa or the cat got on the counter. Winter was her favorite season and she loved the snow and would spend hours snow plowing with her nose and making snow angels. She never missed a family vacation and we shared many adventures together. Wendy never missed a family vacation and was an International traveler.

Wendy was my first dog and I learned many life lessons from her. We just clicked and everything was always so easy between us. She was a fast learner and never had to be taught something more than once. She was too shy for the obedience ring, and had no letters before or after her name, but she excelled in the most important things. Love, unwavering devotion, forgiveness, and tolerance for all my failings. She was my Wendy Girl, the best girl.

Most of all, she was my love. My companion. Our companion. If she were half and I were half, she made me more than a whole.

Donated by: the Mass Corgi Crew

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