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Jamie with bff Murdoch

Jamie was beloved by all who knew him. He had an illustrious show career, finishing handily in New England. I had him tested for PRA, the test had just come out, and he was found to be a carrier. I immediately had him neutered. This was not throwing out the baby with the bath water. He has many brothers, sisters, and cousins by the dozens. His father is a Frequently Used Sire.

He turned to a career in herding and therapy dog work. When I moved back to California he started training in herding with Molly Wisecarver and ultimately achieved an HSAs title.

He visited many nursing homes but his absolutely favorite activity was with a bunch of smelly 9 year old boys who were below grade level in reading. We all sat on the floor together and they puzzled out words and books never before encountered. What a triumph when a boy would read with comprehension. They were all quite sure that Jamie understood everything they said to him. He looked into their faces with his big brown eyes and how could he not?

Last summer the vet found a mysterious mass near his heart. It was diagnosed as a benign tumor. When it was removed he seemed to be progressing well, but had to go back time and again because the wound was not healing properly. I believe this took a lot out of him. He gave up the fight in December 2009, a month short of his 14th birthday. Too tired, had enough.

I will miss him forever.

Written by Helen Turin

Donated by: Vicki Jones

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