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Max Queenan

October 18, 2009 was the saddest day of my life; we had to put my little boy to sleep. Max was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who warmed everyone's heart. The first years of his life he was the "Ambassador" of a dog run in NYC; Chelsea. With his charm..he became the unofficial mascot of my apartment building and the nephew of many co-workers after having met him. The most fun he had was when he swam...and oh, playing with sticks.

A little over a year ago, Max was diagnosed with degenerative mylopathy. He was a trooper and after much "treat"coaxing, he learned to move forward rather than backwards in his "chariot". So that he could still use his little legs to swim, I got him a doggie life vest which he enjoyed for a summer.

Max was my little "Spanky". I only hope I gave him as much love and joy as he gave me throughout his 13 years of life; he turned 13 on September 7, 2009. Though I'm so sorry that Minnie now has this disease, I know Max would want to help Minnie and all other little Corgi's.

Donated by: Sindy Holmes

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