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John Sebring

CorgeseL is a list dedicated to the fun, adventure, and mayhem that our corgi kids so frequently get into. Our Corgis (and their Not-A-Corgi siblings) are the ones who post to each other on the list and they are all fluent in "corgese". At holiday time we have an ANNUAL DONATION DRIVE. The idea is that each corgi and NAC (not-a-corgi) will give up the cost of one toy to donate to the chosen charity. Even in rough economic times, we know that CorgiAid’s needs and the homeless corgis needs don’t go away, so both our 2007 and 2008 Annual Holiday Donation Drives were for CorgiAid – no donation was too small – even a couple pennies donated were a couple pennies that CorgiAid didn’t have before. (And Corgis are especially masterful at checking under sofa cushions for that loose change! <smile>)

In the midst of our 2008 donation drive, we unexpectedly lost one of our human family, JOHN SEBRING. Sue Sebring, with her husband, John, are so much a part of the Corgese “adventures” to the balls and parties at Narnia Castle which housed Sue and John and their Welsh Corgi family and the rest of their animal family. It was decided because such a great part of John’s heart was devoted to our Corgis, that CorgeseL would make their 2008 Holiday Donation ($1595) to CorgiAid in his JOHN SEBRING’s name. We were proud and honored to do this for John – and for Sue (who continues to treat all the Corgi World with her love and devotion and fun-loving good nature).

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