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Saddle Lane’s Star Destiny, H.C.

August 13, 1992 to Feb. 7, 2009

"Corgis are enchanted. You only need to see them in the moonlight to know this." -Tasha Tudor

Barcelona, a beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, died Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009, in the arms of her human companion, Jeff Prine, who was fortunate to experience her unconditional love for more than 15 years.

Humans naturally tend to anthropomorphize pets, but in Barcelona’s case, she possessed a surreal combination of authentic dog temperament and an empathetic spirit. True to her breed--one loved by Queen Elizabeth II--Barcelona was a natural athlete, agile and robust. Her vet once called her “one tough dog.” She could run two miles a day, herd sheep (which she was recognized for at age 9 months) goats and wayward children, bark an alarm at strangers and refused to sleep anywhere except in her own comfy bed.

Yet she would respond in very human terms to people. Invariably, anyone who met her commented on the beaming smile that always seemed to be on her face. She could be self absorbed too, schmoozing up anyone who said things like “oh a corgi” or “she’s so cute.”

She answered not only to English but also Spanish and a few words of Catalan, the native tongue of her namesake city. She even understood Polish which she learned from her 7-year-old buddy who walked her as a puppy.

Her favorite treats were bagels, sweet potatoes, the occasional broccoli spear and treats of any kind especially those she shoplifted from our neighborhood Petco or received from children. Still she maintained her girlish figure, weighing the ideal 28 pounds throughout her adult life.

The premiere example of how enchanting Barcelona could be was seen in her sensitivity to sadness. Barcelona stopped for crying children and babies who she met on the street with a lick and a smile. When a dear friend who was pet sitting Barcelona on September 11, 2001, returned home alone to hear the tragic news about the terrorists attacks, it was Barcelona who kissed, licked and comforted my friend on that awful day.

I don’t know if all corgis are enchanted in the moonlight as Corgiville author Tasha Tudor states, but I do know Barcelona was enchanted just about every moment of her life.

As Barcelona passes over the Rainbow Bridge, she will be met by her kitty, Catalunya, and her BFF, Betsy Betancourt, a basset hound.

Donated by: Nancy Furstinger

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