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Dixie Roberts

APRIL 3, 1994 - MAY 16, 2008


Dixie was such a wonderful part of our family, and she left us all with so many wonderful memories. Throughout her fourteen years she gave each of us so much love and happiness. She could put a smile on just about anyone's face, no matter where she was. There were many times driving down the road or at a stop light with her in my lap, looking out the window, that I would see the faces in the car next to us light up with smiles. She was always so smart and so happy, and I'll always remember her with that beautiful smile and happiness in her eyes.

We had so many great times together throughout the years. Back when I worked at the vet clinic, and Dixie was able to go to work with me everyday, she would eagerly run out and jump into the car every morning, ready to go. Then when we got to the clinic, she would always beat me to the door and be waiting excitedly to get inside and check on everything. She had her own room at the clinic and she had Goldie and the cats to boss around and play with too. I wish I had a video of the times when Dixie, Goldie, and Caylee would go out back and run through the wheat field. They all had so much fun, and all you could see was Caylee running and two little Corgi heads popping up and down across the sea of wheat stalks.

Dixie was with me through so much over the years, and we made several moves together. She was happy wherever we were, and when we moved to Rowlett she got to have a big backyard to play in and explore. I'll always remember the way she loved the snow and how she loved to play in it and chase and bite at snowballs. Another great memory we have is of all the many walks, and later on stroller rides, that we went on at all of Dixie's different parks. She really enjoyed these times, especially when some or all of the family got to come along. She loved her rides in the car too, and she really loved it when I could roll the window down and she could take in all of the sights, sounds, and smells. There were many times, with Daddy driving and Dixie in my lap, that Momma, sitting in the backseat, had to wear a jacket because we'd put the window down for Dixie even when it was cold outside.

Dixie loved to open her own presents on birthdays and Christmas so much that she got her own presents, no matter whose birthday it was, and she could always pick out which presents were hers under the tree at Christmas. She would even sneak around and try to get into them when no one was looking. She had baskets full of toys because I always liked to buy her a new one, and she always liked to get a new one. However, she could always find her own ways to amuse herself too. Whether it was with an ice cube that had fallen to the floor or with one of her favorite toys, a paper towel roll, she always loved to play. We'll always remember how she loved to playfully "herd" anyone out of the kitchen, while I was getting her food ready, by nipping at their feet. We played together a lot over the years, and I ended up with a lot of sleeves and pant legs with teeth marks and tears in them from our games. She also had a game that Cyndy named "snappy face" . . . but not everyone would play that one with her, just me and Danny. No matter how rough the play got, she was always gentle and made sure not to hurt anyone.

Dixie was always so good and so strong throughout her life. From the time when she was three and ruptured both ACL's, and had to go through two knee surgeries and a lot of recovery, to the times later on in life when she faced other, more serious health issues, she never complained. Through everything, she always had her wonderful personality and attitude and her bright, happy smile that touched so many people.

Dixie loved everyone in the family so much, and she was always so excited when anyone in the family came for a visit. She really loved it when we were all together and she could make everyone get down in the floor with her and pet her. She always loved to be the center of attention, and she always was. She loved all of us so much and we all love and miss her so much too.

Donated by: Donnie Roberts

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