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Carts become available at the loss of loved ones. These cart-using dogs have passed to the Rainbow bridge. Their loving owners donated the carts for use in this program.

Click on a name or picture to see a full page memorial.

Arrow_cart.jpg Arrow
Gumby2_1.jpg Gumby
Rickicart.jpg Ricki
Benjamin.jpg Benjamin
Hobbs.jpg Hobbs
Rosie.jpg Rosie
PC250014.JPG Bonnie Blue
101-0196_IMG.png Ivan
PC250110.png Roy
DSC00807.png Comet
izzy_memorial.jpg Izzy
2012-09-15_12-13-53_784.png Rufus
corky_ball_sidewalk.jpg Corky
Joey.jpg Joey
Sassy.jpg Sassy
Corky_Sept_2_2008a.png Corky
Lark.jpg Lark
Spitz.jpg Spitz
Crumpet.jpg Crumpet
Mabel_memorial.png Mabel
Steffi.jpg Steffi
ElliottInTheMirror.jpg Elliott
Meggie_at_Lake_C.jpg Meggie
Stubby_Portrait_1.jpg Stubby
Frankie-k-9Cart_sm.jpg Frankie
meggie.jpg Molly
Wesley_memorial.jpg Wesley
Gez.jpg Gizmo
Poppy_Miller.png Poppy
Yankee.jpg Yankee
Goldie.jpg Goldie
porsche.png Porsche
Gracie.jpg Gracie
Princess.jpg Princess

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