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Bunny warden, bird catcher, soft mouth for reprieve.

Pup bowler, (Ace hater), baby licker, therapy partner.

The Corkster, Rabbit Dog, His Royal Highnee, My Granddog, that Damned Dog.

Fathers Day, 1995. In the pound, nose to floor, waiting patiently. The vet sucks his teeth, shakes his head. "If he makes it through the night..."

Curb walker, ice skater, sprinter, Corner to back in nothing flat.

The stroller dog, big parades, lone parades, crazy dog lady with umbrella in summer sun.

Halloween mascot, clouds of children hovering, firefly laughter floating in the darkness.

At the door, mud on muzzle, study in innocence. "Who, me?"

2002. Blood on the ground, a bloody paw, too much trouble to lift. Vet turns it back and waits, but nothing happens.

White-eyed, cross-eyed, licking peanut butter from his nose.

The Lord of Toys, to the end, always one more.

2004. DM is MS in dogs. It is not OK, but we feast on Chinese under cherry blossoms.

School's out. Children passing. "Hi Corky!" yelled from the street to the empty house.

Donated by: Judy & Glynn Germany

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