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11-19-1998 to 4-24-2013

I got you as a puppy; you could fit in my cupped hands when I got you. You were always so sweet, so easy going. You loved people, and you loved other dogs too.

About 2 years ago, you started dragging your back right foot. Then you could not place it properly under you, and developed a limp. I tried everything to help you- acupuncture, laser treatment, electrical stimulation, and aquatic therapy. Eventually, you couldn’t walk at all. I felt helpless. It absolutely broke my heart.

I always thought of getting you a cart as giving up. “You’ll never walk again, so I guess we better get you some wheels”. I was so wrong. The cart wasn’t failure, it was liberty. You got your mobility back. I’ll never forget seeing you in your wheels for the first time, tearing around like crazy, your tongue hanging out. You could actually go for walks again. That’s my only regret- I wish I had bought it for you sooner.

I think of you every day, and I will love you forever, my little buddy.

Donated by: Chris Lira

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