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May 1996 - April 2010

Poppy Seed the most loving and adorable companion you could ever hope for. With a compassionate nudge when you most needed it, always by your side.

Those that knew her knew how special she was, a personality like no other.

She weighed 18 1/2 lbs but commanded her territory like she weighed 80 lbs. Loved spending time in the yard patrolling the property and checking the fruit trees. She would eat or bury her treasures and then bask in the sun even if there was snow.

The disease may have destroyed her health but not her spirit, she was strong willed. She used ever ounce of strength to push on but the DM, the tremors gave her little rest.

I can't imagine life with out her, there is a huge void where she once walked.

We will always love you Poppy........

Donated by: Cindy Miller

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