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The Story of Bennie

Last Updated: June 20, 2017

Here is Bennie's story, in the words of his rescuer:

"Bennie lost his person. Story is heartbreaking.... Bennie's Mom had a brain tumor and was getting worse, she had to go into the hospital, so Bennie was being cared for by various neighbors. The owner was very ill, but very concerned about "her Bennie". Neighbors got together and contacted me. We said yes immediately and had to find a foster home. Did that and Bennie was scheduled on a Saturday to be brought 1/2 way to us and a volunteer was picking him up. He went to hospital and said Bye to his Mom. He spent Friday night with a lady who was waiting for transport there to pick him up Saturday am. Saturday am she went to take a shower and heard Bennie howling, barking, whining and carrying on like he was hurt. She ran to him (yes in a towel) to see what was going on.... He was just in the middle of the room howling.... She went to him and calmed him. A few minutes later her phone rang. Another neighbor, who was up at the hospital with Bennie's Mom was calling to let her know she had just passed away about 10 minutes earlier. We all believe Sue (owner) went to Bennie to say goodbye. She wouldn't go until she knew he was going to be taken care of."

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