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Maple: Granted July 28, 2023


The Story of Maple

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Maple came from an animal control facility where she was brought in as a stray. From the moment her rescuer saw her picture, they could tell something was not right and they reached out to the facility to let them know and offer assistance.
Maple has muscle wasting in her face and temples which is generally an indicator of an autoimmune disease. Her rescuer got her right into their vet where they did extensive testing (blood work, urine and fecal sample, myasthenia gravis test, x-rays, etc) and there was still had no diagnosis. Her condition goes beyond the scope of what a general practice vet is able to test for and they were referred to the local specialty center. She was tested for masticatory myositis. Unfortunately, that test came back inconclusive.
Maple needed advanced imaging via an MRI. Aside from the wasting in her face, an abnormality in her throat, and her voracious appetite, she (fortunately) had no other symptoms. The concern was that if she is left untreated, the condition could continue to cause muscle atrophy down her digestive system and lead to far more serious issues. Maple was officially diagnosed with late-stage Masticatory Muscular Myositis. She is currently going through treatment (steroids and other medication) to see if she will respond/if it can stop the progression.
The Internal Medicine specialist seemed optimistic about her future, even if she does not respond to treatment, as she suspects that Maple has been in this condition for quite some time. Maple will receive Eldercare from CorgiAid to assist with the cost of the medications she will need to live with quality of life.

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