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Kevin Bingham: Granted August 18, 2022


The Story of Kevin Bingham

Last Updated: September 25, 2022

Kevin was found in the middle of the road by a good Samaritan. He wouldn't walk. They took him to an emergency clinic to be stabilized. Non-sedated x-rays were done and it was determined he had a Salter Harris facture of distal femur and a suspected pelvis fracture. The good Samaritans then took him to their regular vet the next day where he was put on more pain meds and antibiotics in anticipation of surgery. Kevin’s owner called to reclaim him and after discussing the injuries and required medical interventions, including surgery that Kevin required, the owner had no means to pay for what he needed and so he surrendered him to rescue. The owner also told rescue that Kevin had escaped his home on multiple occasions and would be gone for long periods of time. Kevin has had a very difficult time of it. He suffered an allergic reaction of some kind that he was treated for, prior to his orthopedic surgery. After his surgery, Kevin was very sick and there was thought that he had Parvo and or distemper at various points in his recovery from his surgery. Thanks to the determination of the rescue and vets who felt that Kevin had come this far and through so much, everyone did everything they could to get him through. Kevin is still recovering from his surgery and is feeling much better. To follow how Kevin Bingham is doing, go to the Top of Texas Corgi Rescue on Facebook.

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