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Jordy: Granted June 19, 2022


The Story of Jordy

Last Updated: August 09, 2022

Sadly, rescue doesn't always have the happy ending that we'd like for the dog.
Jordy was picked up as a stray in Florida and pulled by a rescue and transported by volunteers up to foster in NC. At that time he was treated for superficial pyoderma and yeast in ears at shelter
He was seen for multiple issues after coming to rescue. Severe dental disease, multiple lipomas, dry eye and bladder stones. All procedures were completed successfully, but complications occurred after surgery.
Jordy could not hold any food down and was refusing to eat. After x-rays and bloodwork, it was determined that there was a possible undetected tumor or some other metastatic disease causing it. Jordy was humanely euthanized after no improvement from fluids and antibiotics.
Thanks to donations to CorgiAid, Jordy had a chance. In the end, he was cared for and cared about and he did not suffer.

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