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Peppa: Granted October 20, 2021


The Story of Peppa

Last Updated: April 10, 2022

Peppa was a dog that was rehomed to someone through a friend of a friend situation. The friend promised that if it didn’t work out, they would take Peppa back. Unfortunately, not long after she arrived in her new home, she began chasing her new family’s cat. It was becoming too dangerous for the cat so the new owners attempted to contact the friend to take Peppa back. The friend wouldn’t answer their phone calls or even come to the door when they went to their home. On one occasion Peppa managed to hurt her back when she broke out of the room she was in to chase the cat. Her injury required medications for pain and inflammation. Her new owners reached out to rescue to see if they could help with her. The rescue met and communicated with the new owners on what Peppa would need or do best with in a new home. On one of the calls, rescue was informed that Peppa had been acting strangely, and after a visit to the vet it was determined she was pregnant. The drugs she was on for her back injury are very dangerous for puppies in vitro and sadly, even after a C section, none of the four pups survived. After recovering from her C section, Peppa is now in a home that she can thrive in and there are no kitties to chase. Thanks to your donations, CorgiAid was able to ensure that Peppa got the care she required

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