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Susie: Granted October 20, 2021


The Story of Susie

Last Updated: November 14, 2021

Rescuer: Alexandra Bookis at

Susie is from Arkansas, where she was found on the side of the road in June 2021 as a stray and had just suffered a coyote attack that left her with severe wounds to her neck and left ear. Animal control brought her to the local shelter where a vet performed surgery on her neck. The surgery saved her life, but she was still left with a large open neck wound and a severely damaged left ear canal, both of which became infected with a strain of staph bacteria (MRSP) shortly after surgery. A kind member of the public read about her story and need for adoption online, and was so deeply moved by this little dog's spirit to keep fighting for her life that she decided to adopt her, as she clearly wasn't going to receive all the medical care she needed at the shelter and would die without further care. On August 28, she flew from Washington DC to Arkansas and back in one day to bring her home. Susie is the sweetest dog and has adjusted beautifully to her forever home. Susie required further neck surgery to flush the wound, debride dead tissue, and close the neck wound. However, during surgery, the vet also discovered that her ear injuries left her with a chronic inner ear infection (otisis), scar tissue, and ear canal damage from the coyote bite. The left ear needed to be surgically addressed in order for it to heal and for her body to also be able to speed up the recovery of her neck wound, which was stitched but not healing properly and remains a critical risk for further infection. The shelter that had taken her in felt that it was likely that Susie's previous life is that she was in an abusive situation and then abandoned on a street. They think she was bred for puppies until she was "spent", as Susie has also had to have two large mammary tumors removed (benign, no further complications!) and she absolutely lights up whenever she encounters a puppy. Thanks to a wonderful caring person and the donors to CorgiAid, Susie will now live a life being a beloved pet.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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