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Buck: Granted October 09, 2021


The Story of Buck

Last Updated: November 14, 2021

Buck and his best friend Bogie, two Corgi mixes, had been seen roaming in a remote area for some time. After several weeks, animal control successfully live trapped them. Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue (WDCR) had been made aware of these boys being seen and knew they both had large growths near their backends. As soon as WDCR found out they were in the shelter, they did everything they could to pull them. They were told that the dogs were essentially feral, and couldn’t be handled and given the run around that they had to be posted for potential adopters – meanwhile these dogs were still in the crate they’d been captured in. After almost a week, they were moved into a small kennel run where they had food thrown onto the dirty floor and filthy water in a bowl that also had fecal matter in it. These dogs essentially had no human contact from the point of entry into the shelter. WDCR called daily to check on the dogs and they were finally posted as “rescue only” after pressure from the rescue group. WDCR found a foster an experienced dog handler who went in to pick up the dogs. Upon seeing them, and their awful condition, the dogs were taken to a vet immediately. Both dogs were extremely emaciated (they weren’t when first captured), heart worm infected, and covered in fleas, ticks, urine and feces. Buck had a large perianal hernia and Bogie an Inguimal hernia and was vomiting and had diarrhea. They both received two baths while at the vets. The foster picked up the dogs from the vet that afternoon and took them home to settle in. During this whole experience of the transporter picking them up and the veterinary staff handling them and finally the foster taking them home, Buck nor Bogie ever showed any aggression or tendency to want to bite. They were scared and sick but not dangerous whatsoever. Buck did take the role as protector to his best friend Bogie but if a human approached, he would go hide in the corner.
Several days later, early in the morning, Bogie passed away in his foster's home with Buck at his side. We believe he knew he was finally safe and was able to let go knowing Buck was going to be okay. Once Bogie's body was taken to his final resting place, Buck met the other dogs in the foster home and did really well with them. He is a little sad and misses his brother but is otherwise doing fine.
It is heartbreaking that both these dogs went through all that they did, and that Bogie did not make it. The good thing is that because of our donors, they both had a chance and Buck will receive treatment for his heartworm infection, surgery for his very large perianal hernia, be neutered and possibly some dental care so he can be ready to find his forever home.

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