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Sophie: Granted October 09, 2021


The Story of Sophie

Last Updated: November 14, 2021

A volunteer with a local organization that helps animals found Sophie in front of the school that her child attends. Sophie was in bad shape and very poorly. The owners were found and questioned regarding the dog’s condition, and was given the excuse that the lady was ill and couldn’t take care of her and the husband didn’t seem to care about the dog at all. The volunteer told them they had to surrender the dog or she would call the police and file a complaint of dog abuse. The people gave Sophie over. Sophie was taken to a vet and it was determined that she was infested with fleas, likely had mange, was very malnourished, had lost most of her hair from scratching, and had a big knot on her neck and her back. A skin scraping was done and an aspirate biopsy was done on the growth on her neck and back. Sophie also had dental issues and has experienced some kind of trauma. She was given the basic preventative treatments and everyone is hopeful that her biopsy will come back as benign. Sophie is receiving the care she needs to live a happy and long life.

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