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Gerry: Granted January 29, 2020


The Story of Gerry

Last Updated: July 21, 2020

Rescuer: Laurita Guaico at

Gerry was found on Christmas night limping as he tried to cross the street in Riverside, California. Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets (Fochp), took him in, and his foster parents soon learned that this poor guy was a neglected mess.
After seeing doctors, including an orthopedist and a neurologist, and getting blood work, X-rays, and MRI’s, we discovered he has a bullet in his abdomen and severe dental problems (he had to get seven teeth pulled). He also has degenerative disc disease, spondylosis of the spine, and severe arthritis. CorgiAid made his medical care possible with a grant. Gerry is deaf, which the doctors think was caused by years of neglected ear infections. For the last six months, he has been living with his foster parents and their pack while getting medical care, all the attention he needs, and lots of love. Now he is ready to find his forever home. Gerry may be special needs, but to be honest, he’s one of the easiest dogs ever! He’s very quiet, calm, and easy going, and he gets along with dogs, cats, and humans. He doesn’t need to be walked much because he gets so distracted with smelling the flowers and checking his pee mail, and he is extremely content doing just that. He looks forward to getting pets and having his ears rubbed, and he enjoys his raw dog food meals. He loves joining you on the couch for TV time and a cozy blanket he can rub his face into and he takes long naps. Gerry is micro-chipped, neutered, and up-to-date on his vaccinations. Gerry does have degenerative conditions that will probably continue to worsen as he ages. He will be on pain medication, glucosamine, and anti-inflammatories for the remainder of his life. He also will need his teeth and ears cleaned regularly. CorgiAid offers funding to assist with the costs of ongoing health issues to help Corgis and mixes in rescue like Gerry find their forever homes despite continuing health issues. Gerry is looking for a forever home that can make his last years his best! If you are interested in adopting Gerry, please email the rescue directly at

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Laurita Guaico at for more information.

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