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Some of the Dogs Helped by CorgiAid

We wish to thank all our donors for their financial assistance, for without your help we would not have been able to assist these Corgis/Corgi mixes who were in trouble.

Here are the some of the dogs we helped in 2018. To see dogs that were helped before 2002, please click on the button above. To see other dogs, select the year below.

The date next to the name is the date the page for the dog was last updated.

A life preserver next to the dogs name means that as far as we know, he or she is available for adoption. You'll find whom to contact in the dogs story; please click on the picture.

To make a pledge or a donation, please go to our Donations page for full details.
Thanks for your help!

Please do not contact us for more information on these dogs as we don't have any more information. We are not the rescuers or fosters; we help those wonderful folks who do the rescue. Our stories are written at the time of grant, and may not be up to date to the moment--many of the dogs have found homes. We are unable to help individuals locate a dog to adopt. Each rescuer uses his or her own methods of locating potential adopters.

Dusk(BC) March 28, 2018
Lucas(Mo) March 28, 2018
Tera(OK) March 28, 2018
27046233_10211075366304481_248 Available
Hallie(tx) March 28, 2018
Peaches(OK) March 28, 2018
Texas Sassie(OK) March 28, 2018
Jesse(GA) March 28, 2018
Ruby Valentina(OK) March 28, 2018
Whiskey/Vinnie(CO) March 28, 2018
Kip(GA) March 28, 2018
Sailor(Mo) March 28, 2018
Wilson(OK) March 28, 2018

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