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Stella: Granted June 02, 2012


The Story of Stella

Last Updated: June 02, 2012

Here is Stella's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"One farmer has Beagles. His neighbor has two Corgis. They decided to breed to see what they would look like. Stella was placed with an elderly woman in a wheelchair who could not care for her and Stella kept running to the neighbors.
"The neighbors convinced the owner to turn Stella over to rescue. Stella came in to us not spayed, no vaccines, other than Rabies, and a cherry eye.
"We have six puppies here and Stella was the best nanny that we have ever had in the house. The puppies loved her and she loved them. She also taught them a few things that puppies really need to learn, like don't fall in the pond!
"Stella is now in a foster home with two Corgi boys. She plays and plays and when she is finished, she is finished, and she let' them know it. :-) "
CorgiAid supporters have helped Stella get her cherry eye fixed, and have helped her generally get caught up on her health care, so she can go forward and lead the happy life she deserves. Thank you!
Stella was rescued in Missouri.

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