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Maggie: Granted March 20, 2012


The Story of Maggie

Last Updated: March 20, 2012

As much as we wish every rescue story had a happy ending, unfortunately reality is not always happy....
Tissue alert.
Here is Maggie's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Maggie was surrendered by her owner to Corgi Connection who told us she had a vision problem and was getting picked on by the other dogs in the house. When we got her we received a 13.5 pound terrified corgi that was 18 mos old. She was horribly underweight to say the least and being visually impaired - she was terrified. She spent her time spinning and barking uncontrollably.
"After her initial exam she was found to have hook and whip worms, was malnourished, which we initially though might be causing the vision impairment. It was soon discovered Maggie had much more serious issues and we went in search of answer to give this young girl the best shot at a better life we could offer her.
"Maggie's behavior was extreme from the first day we got her; spinning and barking almost non-stop. She was terrified. The first veterinarian we took her felt she had a neurological issue from the very beginning. He suggested if we wanted to explore things further to take her to Oklahoma State University for further evaluation and an MRI.
"At the suggestion of the first veterinarian we did not have Maggie spayed or microchipped until further testing was done. She was given basic vaccinations and found to have whip and hook worms for which she was treated. Additionally she was fed a high-calorie diet in an attempt to put some weight on her.
"Not only were we facing a vision problem but eventually found out at Oklahoma State that she had hydrocephalus. I can only imagine how she suffered over the previous 18 months."
The vets at the University felt that the kindest thing to Maggie was to end her confusion and pain, and let her go.
Poor little girl!
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expense of evaluating Maggie's issues. Thank you.

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