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Katy: Granted January 01, 2003


The Story of Katy

Last Updated: January 01, 2003

Here is Katy's story as reported by Sam Bates to Corgi-L.
Katy, a very small, very sweet red/white female, was born at a puppy mill in Missouri, shipped to a pet store in west Florida, did not sell as a young puppy and was finally sold in mid-November at 5 months of age. Less than 30 days later, a careless mistake resulted in Katy being severely injured when struck by a car. Both hind legs were broken, and her pelvis was knocked off her spine. When the owner was told the cost of repairing Katy surgically, she signed a euthanasia permission, and walked out on her. Staff at the veterinary clinic were so impressed by Katy's courage and sweet temperament that they begged for time to find help for her. They located Sunshine Rescue two days later, and we agreed to take her, after consulting with our club president and board members. They unanimously agreed to support Katy's care. After a deep discount for rescue, the estimate was $2,600.00. Our program has never taken on a rescue that involved so much money.
On December 19, Katy had a lengthy (over 6 hours) surgery performed by two orthopedic specialists to repair the broken hind legs, and to realign and stabilize the pelvis, using a brand-new method incorporating fluoroscopy (moving x-ray) which one of the veterinarians had just learned. Katy is now four weeks post-op, and is healing with remarkable speed. She is with the McClures in Orlando for the rehabilitation period of eight weeks. Katy is always cheerful, very loving and affectionate, and extremely patient about the confinement necessary during this period. She plays with our other Corgis, who bring her toys and play tug-of-war with her through her ex-pen. She is very sociable, and can't wait to be allowed to play with her Corgi friends. We should have no difficulty placing her in a loving - and responsible - home when she is fully healed.

=== Update, March, 2003
"Katy, now fully recovered, joined her new family in February. She is attending obedience classes, winning over Charlie, her Corgi Companion (and a former Sunshine rescue), and charming the socks off everyone who meets her. Her teenage owner loves her dearly, and is delighted to show her off at every oportunity.
"Your generosity, and that of many others who contributed to Katy's fund, made Katy's new life possible. All of us associated with Sunshine Rescue Program were touched and astonished at the outpouring of concern for Katy. Katy was just a little puppy mill pet shop dog, after all-- but you helped us all remember how precious any life can be. Thanks to you, Katy is now well started on a very good life.
"We will never forget your willingness to help-- bless you all."
Claire McClure, Rescue Chairman Sunshine Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club

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