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Mitch: Granted January 27, 2012


The Story of Mitch

Last Updated: January 27, 2012

Rescuer: Michael Stahlberg at

Here is Mitch's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Mitch was on his way to the local animal shelter and would surely have been put down on arrival, when he was intercepted by a person who works in the pet food place where I get food for my own two corgis. (I am known as the corgi lover in our neigborhood, since I can always been seen walking my dogs with one or two foster corgis who I try to find homes for). When I met Mitch that night, he was in terrible shape. As it turns out, Mitch's owner just lost his house due to foreclosure and now lives with his sick wife in a homeless shelter. I lost all contact to him, but in an emotional parting, he did sign the owner ship of and all responsibilities for Mitch over to me.
"Mitch was kept outside the house for all his life, and during the hot fall months, he developed a nasty ear infection and other allergies as his cage was located under a water misting device. After convincing the owner, that I would do my best to take care of Mitch, he surrendered him to me rather than going through with his plan to bring him to the shelter. At that time, Mitch had bloody puss dripping out of both ears, and his body was covered in scabs resulting from a bad skin infection. He did not stop scratching and biting himself and in places his skin was bare, or bleeding. Two weeks prior, the owner ran into a good samaritan who insisted to bring Mitch to the vet where he was perscribed heavy duty anti biotics. As it turned out, those medications made his situation actually worse as Mitch became more allergic. On top of that, Mitch is suffering from a dry eye (left side) and a cantaloop size tumor growing out of his right side (see picture). Even though the tumor was diagnosed as non cancerous, its weight puts a huge burdon on the dog's mobility. (see video).
"Upon arrival in my care, I had my own vet, Dr. Adams check Mitch out immediately. He diagnosed the skin condition as staph infection, and perscribed new antibiotics that cleard Mitch up within three days. The ear infection cleared off after two more days and after four more days, there was no more sign of infection on him. I switched to homeopatic ointments, and bio feedback to determine Mitch's allergies. As it turned out, he was allergic against the anti biotics he was perscribed, his food, and certain elements in his surroundings.
"He is stable now, rests a lot and enjoys his food. My own corgis have come to like Mitch and occasionally check in with him when he rests, but also to steal back some of the extra attention that he is getting.
"My main concern now is the Tumor on Mitche's site. I will get a written report from Dr. Adams who believes that the tumor, even though it is big can be successfully operated on without mayor complications or blood loss. There is no doubt that the tumor should have been removed several years ago. It puts an unbearable physical strain on Mitche's back and joints. But the burdon is not only the weight, but also a matter of using up energy and nutritian. Mitch is tired most the time, and rests looking longingly after my other dogs when I take them out for a walk.
"It is my belive that once the tumor is removed, Mitch will regain most of his (corgi)energy and make a great and loving pet. I'll do my utmost to try to find him the most suitable family to adopt him"
CorgiAid supporters will help Mitch get rid of that tumor (which, the vet says, should be relatively easy to remove, despite its size). Thank you!
Mitch was rescued in California.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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