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Moe: Granted December 07, 2011


The Story of Moe

Last Updated: December 19, 2011

As much as we all hope for a happy ending for every dog, sometimes that is just not to be.
Here is Moe's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Morgana was surrendered along with her breeding mate by a woman who had 14 dogs, whom she bred. She was spayed (and her mate neutered), tested for heart worm (negative) and updated on vaccinations in late September. She entered foster care in October at 42 pounds - grossly overweight. Moe and her mate were put on a diet and exercised regularly. Her mate was adopted by a wonderful family on Nov 12. Following placement of her mate, Morgana began showing signs of depression and lethargy. Around Nov 20, her appetite began to wane and the lethargy continued. On Nov 24, Thanksgiving day, her foster parent noted that she had become jaundiced. He brought her to a vet on the morning of Nov 25, and the vet determined that her liver was not functioning properly. The vet kept her overnight through Nov 29 (4 nights), providing IV support and antibiotic therapy. He ran tests and gave a diagnosis of primary liver infection. Her tests showed liver dysfunction and anemia. She had a poor appetite and did not show improvement after discharge, and returned to another vet for overnight IV supportive care, an ultrasound, more blood and urine tests, and to drain fluid buildup in her abdomen.
"She is very sweet and docile - good with dogs, cats, adults, children.
"This is a very sweet and loving little corgi. Sadly, she lived the first 4 years of her life outdoors and was used as a breeding dog. She was initially afraid to even come indoors, and would pick up her food bowl and run off to a secluded place with it, as if she were afraid she would lose it (although she has NO food aggression). Despite this she is friendly to everyone. She has blossomed in the care of our rescue and has lived peacefully with several other corgis and a German Shepherd. She has wonderful manners and we want to give her every chance to live out a long life in a loving home."
CorgiAid supporters will help with the expense of Morgana's tests, hospitalization, and meds, as everyone works hard to find out what is wrong. Thank you.
Update, December 7: Sadly, Moe's test results showed end-stage liver failure. Moe was helped beyond her suffering, having known love and kindness at the end of her life.
Morgana was rescued in South Carolina.

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