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Lacey: Granted October 01, 2011


The Story of Lacey

Last Updated: October 01, 2011

Lacey was in a foster home, when she suddenly became unable to use her rear legs. Here is her story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Lacey had suffered a rupture between L1 and L2. She was immediately diagnosed as having a blown disc by the emergency vet last night. This morning she was transferred to Veterinary Medical Specialists where they did a neurological exam and confirmed that Lacey had suffered a Grade 4 rupture. By this morning her rear legs and bladder were paralyzed. She needed immediate surgery which was performed this morning around 10:00AM, approximately 16 hours after her symptoms first manifested. Getting the dog in surgery within 24-48 hours is pivotal and vastly increases the chance of a full recovery of motor skills.
"Lacey did very well in surgery and is given a 90% chance of achieving a full recovery. As of this evening she is resting comfortably, doing as well as can be expected and is a compliant patient.
"This is a REALLY nice little dog. She is very affectionate and sweet - a wonderful companion. While she is a little bit comical in her looks, her personality speaks corgi. She is initially shy (but never aggressive) when meeting new people, but warms up quickly to those who are not loud and overwhelming. She gets along well with all people and all other dogs and has enjoyed frapping frequently with others in foster care. She is showing herself to be a model patient. The nurses love her."
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expense of Lacey's surgery.
The updates from Lacey's foster are excellent. Lacey is already wagging her tail. There is every reason to think Lacey will make a full recovery. Thank you!
Lacey was rescued in California.

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