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Thomas: Granted August 15, 2011


The Story of Thomas

Last Updated: August 15, 2011

Here is Thomas's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Thomas was an owner relinquish at our Humane Society. He was reportedly not house trained. They called and asked me to take him because he had skin allergies and a bad rash. He was reportedly crated for 16 hrs a day and was badly stained from laying in urine. He had an angry rash on his belly, chest and under his arms. They sent him home with me on antibiotics for a staph infection and Benadryl for the itch. He was also very overweight at 42 lbs. When I got him home it became obvious the dog was incontinent. It took mulitple baths to get the urine stains off of him. He also has food allergies and after food trials we found a limited ingredient diet that he does well on. I had hoped the incontinence was a result of the excessive time he spent in a crate and after a UA concluded there was only minor infection we tried treating the incontinence with medications. We had no sucess so tried another. After none of the incontinence medications did any good on the problem we had an untrasound done to look for stones in the bladder and found none. Finally we decided to go ahead with the next test, a series of x-rays with a contrast dye to watch the function of the kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra. That was when the pellet was found in a location where it appears to have caused damage causing a ectopic bladder that leaks out after he empties his bladder. At this point the next step would be to go to a surgeon at a teaching hospital and get further diagnostics done and have surgery to correct the problem. We have spoken to radiologists and surgeons at OSU and KSU and would prefer to use KSU.

"Thomas is about the sweetest corgi boy ever. He has been such a trooper throughout the process of multiple procedures. He has to wear a belly and is pretty good about keeping it on. He doesn't know a stranger and is friendly to everyone. So far the vets and techs that have handled Thomas are all pulling for him and have said he is about the nicest corgi they have ever worked with. He has quite a fan club of people that have met him and fallen in love with him. He loves children and is good with other dogs and cats. He has completed a basic obedience class with his foster mom and has very good manners."
CorgiAid supporters will help Thomas get the surgery he needs, to get his plumbing reconnected, so he can lead a normal happy life.
Thank you!
Thomas was rescued in Kansas.

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