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Nakita: Granted October 01, 2002


The Story of Nakita

Last Updated: October 01, 2002

Lynn Stoltzmann, of New Hope, Minnesota, rescued Nakita, a 10-year-old corgi mix, from an Eau Claire, Wisconisn shelter in October, 2001. Her elderly owner had turned her in. Lynn paid for all vet care and helped Nakita lose some weight, but the vet in September, 2002, wanted to do some oral surgery on slab fractures on her molars and remove some growths from her leg.
CorgiAid approved this application, and Nakita is doing fine. The growths were benign. She's ready to head for her new home. You can contact Lynn at:
Lynn kindly posted this note to numerous rescue lists in thanks to us.
Lynn's Note about CorgiAid
To All of YOU who have donated items for the on-line auctions, purchased items from the on-line auctions, given money at a Corgi function or in any way donated to CorgiAid, this e-mail is to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!
Nakita, my foster Corgi mix girl, had some minor surgery today. She needed some dental work done and had two small skin growths removed. She is resting comfortably by my feet as I type. I will be awaiting the return of the pathology report, but at this point my vet feels optimistic as to the results.
As you all know, vet care can really add up. When I got the approval for my application for "CorgiAid" today, I started getting tears in my eyes. Because of YOU, I am able to help Nakita be as healthy as she can be. Not only that, if another Corgi-in-need comes my way in the future, I don't have to give, "no," as an answer because I don't have the extra money.
Nakita, like all rescue dogs, has a special story behind her. She has been with us for 10 months but today was the first day she has ever given me a kiss on the face! This morning at the vet, I walked her to the holding area and said, "Kennel." She hopped in there, turned around, and as I bent down to give her an ear skritch and wish her luck, she gave me a big slurp right across my mouth and nose! Ah....the small sweet rewards of having a foster dog. Thanks for making it possible!!
Lynn Stoltzmann
Nakita, I love my foster Mom but I may have a new home soon!

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