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Lily Ruth Fluff: Granted December 01, 2002


The Story of Lily Ruth Fluff

Last Updated: December 01, 2002

Lily Ruth, a nine-year-old purebred fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was surrendered to the Cumberland County, TN Shelter in Crossville. Her owners were a couple in their 90's who had had Lily since she was a pup. They had to let her go when the man found out he had cancer and could no longer take care of her. Although he told the shelter she needed a special diet and meds, they were unable to provide one for her.
Susie Noel heard about this through Corgi-L and went to pick Lily Ruth up and foster the dog. Lily Ruth was very skinny, and infested with fleas. A vet checkup revealed she has a pancreatic insufficiecy; this is the reason for the enzyme powder and diet. Lily Ruth also has a very stiff rear end and bunny hops; Rimadly helps here. Added to this was a case of bordatella picked up at the shelter. Susie got the fleas cleaned up, put the dog on antibiotics for the kennel cough, and gives Lily Ruth a special diet with enzymes that she can digest. Lily Ruth has gained weight and is doing well. CorgiAid was glad to help.
Lily Ruth has now found a permanent home at the Noel's.

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